The first-ever Global Blockchain Competition

In the past decade, the world opened its eyes to the game-changing nature of blockchain technology. The renowned Bitcoin cryptocurrency optimized the potential of a decentralized future within finance, as well as offer a more secure alternative to present-day commercial banks.

Nonetheless, it bothers me how society has failed to recognize the truly revolutionary potential of blockchain technology. Bitcoin set the stage for blockchain over a decade ago, yet we are not seeing a stream of ideas come to fruition for the potential uses of blockchain to solve some of society’s top issues: finance, climate change, entertainment, to name a few.

Many young people, like myself, are immersed in the latest trends, and our fresh minds can come up with crazily effective solutions to societal issues.
I believe that our immaturity helps us think big; although, some ideas are simply a no-no.

It’s time to inspire the next generation of innovators and start-up founders to change the world using blockchain technology.
The problem we face, though, is that there is simply no platform, and for a lot of our youths, no support from our parents is all we need to halt our big ideas.

Therefore, society needs a global competition, not a domestic one since this eliminates the majority of the great ideas. A global competition to help the greatest minds really change the world, not just give them a pat on the back with a medal and no support. Rather, a competition whereby winners are coached through the process from an idea to a revolutionary start-up. For all we know, a 15-year-old kid from Japan could solve the climate change issue with blockchain. In many use cases, a unique idea versus millions, or even billions, of dollars of government spending, years of scientific research with no guarantees takes precedence. Why wait? And why throw away so many phenomenal ideas?

The tine is now. It is time to launch the first-ever global blockchain competition.

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